From Pretending To Understanding

From Big Corporations’ Mole to Your BFF

• Alexa’s master is Amazon, not you!
• Alexa doesn’t know you and you don’t know her!
• Alexa obeys whomever commands her and always shops at Amazon.

√  TIA is your BFF. It is not tied to any big business
√  TIA knows you personally and you know her by the name YOU give her.
√  It works hard to get you the best deal, no matter where.
√  TIA is everywhere you are: on your phone, in your computer, in your car, on your TV. It gives you the appropriate response for each situation.

From Business Intelligence to Intelligent Business

•  Natural language will be the best vehicle for all STRUCTURED data
•  Customers will receive immediate and individualized service and support 24/7, each with dedicated rep. No more waiting in line or being kicked around.
•  Customers will know exactly the products and services being offered in real-time.
•  Businesses will know the complete and exact customer demands in real-time, which will drive the most effective business processes.

Exactly What You Want, No Search Necessary!

•  Google doesn’t work for you, it works for the vendors who pay to show up in your long search result list!
•  Google is motivated to give you a long list of search results. The longer they are, the more advertisement they sell!

√  TIA works for you. It only gives you the answer you want, nothing more and nothing less.
√ When TIA doesn’t know the answer, it will go out and work hard to find it for you. With its lightning speed and unmatched capabilities, you can always count on it.

Your Financial Advice, Conflict of Interest Not Included

• Today’s FAs and analysts all work for the big brokerage firms.
• They have products to sell and are paid by commission.
• You are only their revenue source.

√  TIA will always give you the best advice for your interest. No solicitation, no commission required
√  You will not have “disadvantage of information asymmetry”. TIA will sort through the data and make SEC filings understandable to you.
√  TIA will watch the news for you in real-time, becoming your financial detective who will discover the hidden insights through coordinating otherwise isolated information sources.

Medical Experts at Your Fingertips

•  Only kings and queens could afford personal doctors, now you can!
•  TIA has the time and patience to answer all your questions and give you the best suggestions and options.
•  TIA will empower you when you discuss options with human doctors.
•  TIA helps the human doctors, too.

You are Your Own Genius

•  Why should Mozart and Einstein go through the same standardized courses? But we are all potentially Mozart or Einstein!
•  Through TIA, we each can have our own individualized and life-long learning.
•  The sky is our limit!

Own Your Personal Super Lawyer!

•  You will never be disenfranchised of your rights because you can’t afford the best lawyer!
•  You’ve got the best one with you all the time and she will go all the way for you and you own her!
•  Nobody wants to face against your BFF in court.

FEMA on Steroids

•  Why should we all wait for an evacuation order from the government and run into the traffic jam that we create ourselves?
•  With the best and complete information, TIA runs millions of simulations in real-time, which helps each of us make our own decisions that combine to be the best decisions for everyone too.

A Government Customized by You, for You and of  You!

•  Your tax $ at work for you, just the way you want it.
•  You want to know everything about laws and regulations that will affect you
•  You want to be kept up to date of things you care, even if they don’t affect you directly
• You are not just a data point in a survey, you want to make sure your voice heard, your opinions known and your vote count.

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