Language Understanding without Restriction

Our goal is to solve the NLU problem, measured by achieving human-level performance on SQuAD and other industry-accepted datasets. There is evidence to show that the current state-of-the-art results using traditional NLP and ML are approaching the ceiling for performance on this task

Our People

“Jerry” Xiaolin Zhang, by the numbers:
•  14, the age when he went to college
•  20, the age when he came to the US
•  6, the number of start-ups founded
•  5,046.86, Nasdaq closing on 03/09/2000, when he sold his last dot-com company

Our Philosophy

•  We must either understand or understand that we don’t understand. And that’s the whole of understanding.
•  A system that understands language, understands everything else. Therefore, if we create a system that understands language, we will have created intelligence.
•  There is no such thing as intelligence without understanding.

Our Story So Far…

•  2009, TIA invented Universal Market Mechanism. US patent #8311898
•  2012, two things were critically needed for full implementation: fully secure cyberspace and natural language interface
•  2015, TIA invented Multi-Dimensional Cyberspace technology for fully secure cyberspace
•  2016, TIA invented Universal Learning Mechanism along with other core technologies to solve unrestricted natural language understanding
•  2017, TIA entered IBM XPRIZE AI competition and became an official team

Our Journey Ahead…

•  2017 – 2020, TIA will get on top of the performance leaderboards of all NLP datasets and will move through the stages of the XPRIZE competition
•  In 2018, TIA will become the first ever open-domain question and answering system, on the web and embedded in devices, that will:
•  Provide valuable information
•  Always make sense
•  Never be lead astray
•  Amaze you with its daily learning
•  In 2019, TIA will start to be embedded into different professional and business systems:
•  Financial, Legal, Medical
•  Educational, Governmental
•  Starting from 2020, TIA will be integrated with its motor and sensory system and the world will never be the same…