Language Understanding without Restriction

Our Grand Challenge

To solve the Natural Language Understanding (NLU) problem, by achieving unrestricted language understanding in any domain, vocabulary or language, and to lay the foundation for ultimately solving the intelligence problem.

Our New Perspectives

•  Communication is transporting experience, not information exchange.
•  Languages are instructions to be executed to produce experience.
•  The meaning of language is what it does, not what it says. Its causal effect provides its ultimate grounding.
•  Experience is a rich continuum. Grammars and dictionaries are indirect and summarized experience, acquired through usage.

Our Innovative Technologies

⇒  Universal domain specification schema, capable of describing domains with unbounded relevance.
⇒  Universal Learning Mechanism, capable of learning in any domain and learning the domain specifications.
⇒  TOE logic, capable of deciding when and how to change the underlying domain.
⇒  Specification of the language games with enough details for implementation.

Our Unique Capabilities

•  Coherence: TIA always makes sense, which is what’s missing in today’s AIs. It will never move a Canadian city to the US.
•  Relevance: TIA always stays relevant to the topic at hand. It will never provide some pre-cooked irrelevant answers.
•  Explainability: TIA not only gives us correct answers, but also the reasons behind them.
•  Self-awareness: TIA knows when it does not know the answer. This is the starting point for its learning. It constantly learns by asking and consulting other resources.

Our Groundbreaking Opportunities

With unrestricted NLU capability, TIA will become the common bond that helps us better understand everything and each other. It will give us the exact right thing in the exact format that we can best understand, be it:
√  The right answers to our questions,
√  The appropriate actions to our commands
√  The most sensible suggestions to our requests.
⇒  For consumers, TIA understands exactly what we want and when we want it.
⇒  For businesses, TIA understands exactly the products and services offered, and their internal organizational structures and processes.
⇒  For governments, universities and hospitals, TIA understands the necessary sciences, histories, mathematics, and social conventions.

Latest News

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Get on board with us

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